“Purpose is the reason you’re on this journey. Passion is the torch that lights your way.” ― Will Craig


I assume you have come because you are one of the many who have appreciated my daily At Home with Homeopathy emails.

I just released #94, representing 96 days of social distancing, and in some cases, quarantining in our homes.

This “new normal” will not last forever!

As of this writing, states are modifying decrees, businesses are reopening, and folks are getting out again.

Great news – but not the news I want to talk to you about today.

What did we learn?

For a great many, they’ve learned how to binge on Netflix and cable news.

But for others – and you are the ones I want to talk to, you’ve maybe established new goals; a new personal mission you are beginning to feel good about it.

To quote Dr. Jordan Peterson: “One needs goals, for it is in the pursuit of goals that almost everyone finds positive emotion.”

Is it possible my daily reminders have encouraged and/or reinforced your goal of learning homeopathy? I truly hope so.


If you are with me this far – Welcome!

As we continue to pivot back to normal, I don’t want to sever this special connection with you. You don’t want to lose the good, positive energy that comes from pursuing a worthy goal, no matter the circumstances.

No! I want it to get better!

I am going to show you something I’m hoping you will indeed find better – my newest Membership Site

Joette’s Mighty Members

Here are the benefits:

  • Every day, you will receive a message from me in your inbox. Quotes of mine. Snippets of inspiration for each new day. 
    My tech team has formatted these personal messages in the shape of a large sticky note, perfect to download and place on your refrigerator (sticky part not included!)
  • A discount on all my courses (Does not include GW I and GW II – product/Cd’s) .  You will be some of the first to see my newest courses, as I will offer sneak peeks to you as members.

But what I’m most excited about with this new Membership Site is what it doesn’t have: It doesn’t have a private Facebook group.

Nope! What it has is a private chat room / group – hosted on my site.
Yup! No Facebook!   

Familiar for those who like Facebook.  Safe for those who don’t.

  • All my Facebook Lives will be posted on this new Membership Site.
Coming soon… 
  • Membership will be linked to my Community page for access to the latest research and free downloads of all my infographics.
  • All my courses, including those you may already be enrolled in. It will be easy peasy 🙂

So as my tech team comes up with more innovative methods – you will be the first to see, engage with and appreciate them.

The new normal. Anything positive coming out of the last 90 days?

(Besides reading your wonderful replies to my daily emails?

Thank you Joette. That was heart warming and invoked feelings of unity within me, us.
Enjoy your weekend and thank you for your daily messages. They’ve become an anchor of hope for during this time.

Thanks! Made me laugh and that’s a great way to start the morning!!
Enjoy your day Joette. 😊

love your comments and attitude!!

Nice to have the easy click to get facebook I missed earlier this week, Thanks again. 


God bless you your encouraging  emails ,pods, have been so uplifting threw this PANDEMIC 

I realize it is an illness that needs sanitary precautions but there is a homeopathic cure .

Thank you again Elaine W

Love this Joette.  Thank you for all that you do for us. I know that I speak for many, “I feel the love.”


“I hope you get this. I can't tell you how very much I've been enjoying ALL of your posts Days 1- ...!!!!!  

THANK YOU soooo much! I'm a novice, now have to start a list of Boiron items to buy and maybe get that photo equipment container! 😃💐

“Thank you Joette, you’ve been such a stable Rock standing with us all and giving such great ideas of everyday activities.”

“Dear Joette,

I LOVE learning from you and passing the teachings on.

Your faithful follower…”

“I think you’re terrific! I keep learning things about you that we have in common - Catholic, like Sebastian Maniscalco, love Hillsdale!”  
Keep being a motivator! God Bless You!”

Was there a silver lining? Always the optimist, I say yes! 

If you’ve started pursuing the goal to use homeopathy and are feeling good about it: 

This is the silver lining.
Gaining competence and confidence is the achievable goal.

Let’s not lose that good feeling!  

Let me add my small part to keep you on the journey with a daily spark of inspiration (and all the other good stuff):



“A certain nonchalance, so as to conceal all art and make whatever one does or says appear to be without effort and almost without any thought about it”

I want you to have Sprezzatura in the practice of homeopathy on yourself, your friends, and your family.

What a beautiful goal to pursue. And to feel good in the act, too!

Join me.

This is what you’ll receive by becoming a member of my “Joette’s Mighty Members Club”:

  1. A Safe Space (no more concerns about censorship) – Facebook-free group to chat with your newfound friends and for me to be able to be more candid. This was actually the impetus to launch this Membership Site in the first place. If I’m going to be able to share some important information, I need to be able to speak to you more frankly without censorship.

  2. Establish your day (short and tight) I need an inspiration each day. It helps me to get off on the right foot. I’ll give you a simple snippet of inspiration every day.

    I promise, I’ll share with you an inspiration that originates from my personal and professional life. My thoughts concentrated in a brief but potent kick-start for your day. A way to understand homeopathy and my take on it philosophically and practically. These will be sprinkled with nuggets I’ve gleaned from working with the suffering of others, and working in Kolkata.

  3. A monthly teaching video that I believe will be useful to you. Of course your input is valued, so add your requests to the special thread in the group.

  4. A discount on all my courses. You will be some of the first to see my newest courses, as I will offer sneak peeks to you as members. Watch your emails for more details to follow.

  5. All my Facebook live content to watch (and watch again) at your convenience. That familiar, satisfying feeling of joining an adventure, pursuing a worthy goal, receiving that positive emotional energy – it’s addicting (in the very best way). We’ve added Closed Captioning so you can watch the videos quietly.

What a legacy to pass on to the generations that follow you! Please use what I give you.

That should be your goal. And I will be there every step of the way to help.

One final question – Would you share my goal?

Now if what I have just said is not quite enough, let me share what I think is the most important reason to join my Mighty Members.

I want this membership group to become a mighty force for change in your life. 
And this kind of personal change, when united with others, then becomes a force. 
I want us to be a force not only in your ability but a unity in financial strength.  

For that reason, I will donate a portion of your membership investment in a cause that I believe will affect policy for health freedom and homeopathy protection.

Together, we can affect public policy and strengthen our underpinnings.  Let’s make this an unstoppable movement while we learn and feel good!

It’s a win, win, WIN for all of us!

Join, check it out, and together … we will make a difference.

Raise your hand if you don’t trust Facebook…

If you have been a regular on my FB lives on Monday night, you know the potential problems with it.

I cannot say for sure – however, I have too suspicious a nature to not consider the possibility that something nefarious can occur.

My voice is skipping and the video is skipping –

I have broadcast from other countries with internet speeds so slow that shouting from the rooftops would only be slightly less reliable! 

Yet here where I am now, I have the best internet ever and this happens – and I would add, only
on Facebook Live. 

Never during one of my many daily consults or Study Group Lives on Zoom.

What the heck?


Here is my solution, with some extras I am pretty sure you are going to like.  

Joette’s Mighty Members

Join, check it out, and together … we will make a difference.

Activate Your Account & Receive Two Free Gifts.

Gift #1 Remedy Card Booklets: When you activate at the monthly membership option

Imagine this… 

Several years’ worth of blog remedy cards as PDF downloads. The perfect addition to your homeopathic library! Actually we now have 3 booklets available for you to download.

These include the remedy cards taken from 3-4 years of blogs in a convenient, downloadable PDF format (with the URL of the original blog noted) so you can read the reasoning behind the remedy section.

Build your homeopathic library on your computer, or print them out as convenient cards and keep them together in a book for those times when you don’t have your computer handy.

Retail Price: $107.00 Download immediately from the Membership Site.

Gift #2  Remedy Reference Guide downloadable eBooks

In addition to the wealth of information and community you’ll receive by becoming a Mighty Member, annual subscribers receive my 2021 Remedy Reference Guide eBook, containing all my blog articles from last year.

Plus, as a special bonus, annual subscribers may also download my recently curated Remedy Reference Guide: Spanning 2013-2015, over 400 pages of searchable blog post articles. And last year’s bonus, Remedy Reference Guide: Spanning 2016-2020, is there too for you to complete your collection.

Subscribe annually now, and you and your family can depend on these downloadable Remedy Reference Guides to search through my blog posts whenever you need them — even when your internet connection is down.

Retail Price: $275.00 Download immediately from the Membership Site.


Activation Option

Monthly Membership

Yes Joette! I’d like to activate my membership as a monthly member for $9.00 (USD) today, then $9.00 (USD) every 30 days as long as I remain a member.  I understand that I can cancel my membership anytime.

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